Now is the ideal time to put a bit of colour in your garden and with this fabulous offer you will also save on the normal advertised prices. These simple, yet beautiful flowers are usually classed as the first sign of spring and always manage to brighten up any outdoor space.  This fantastic offer from means you can get 50 single and 25 double Snowdrops In The Green for just £19.98. If you buy 2 packs of these beautiful packs you will save £25!! These beautiful Snowdrops differ from the ones you buy in garden centres etc. as they are usually dry bulbs that are very hard to grow. However these are still in leaf, hence the name In The Green. The soil has a special type of fungus that surrounds the bulb that encourages better root growth. Put a bit of brightness into your garden whilst everything else remains dormant thanks to this amazing offer from, click the link below to find out more.

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Other Info about is offer a fantastic selection of Snowdrops from just £19.98. For this amazing price you will receive 50 single and 25 double bulbs that will bring colour and life to your otherwise dormant garden. If you buy 2 of these packs you will save a further £25 on their normal prices. These wonderful Snowdrops are called In The Green as they are supplied in leaf, with a special type of fungus encasing the bulb that encourages better root growth than the normal dry bulbs from other retailers. These beautiful Snowdrops flower from Feb to March and will continue to do so for many years to come. Once planted they require little for no maintenance and if you carefully remove the dead flowers once they have finished flowering they will remain in the ground and flower year after year. Many people think Snowdrops are the first signs that spring is just round the corner, and are the only thing in your garden to add a bit of colour. Make the most of this amazing offer from by clicking the link above for more information. Why not take a look at all the other amazing offers currently available.

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