Growing your own fruit and vegetables has never been easier and thanks to special offers like this one you can saving plenty of money over the next few years. Plus the best thing about growing your own is the self-satisfaction you get when you see the crop plus they tend to taste better! This fantastic deal from is perfect for those who love their fruit. This amazing deals means you will be able to get the fabulous Peach ‘Avalon Pride’ which is part of the Peach Leaf Curl Resistant variety, a world first! This amazing self-fertile variety will produce beautiful pink fragrant flowers in the spring and then yield a wonderful crop of delicious, juicy peaches in the summer.  They are all fully winter hardy, making them ideal for any garden to produce fantastic fruits year after year. Click the link below to see all the details of this special offer from

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Other Info about likes to offer you the best deals around and this one is definitely not one to be missed. For just £19.99 you can get a fabulous Peach ‘Avalon Pride’ tree that will yield over 20kgs of fabulously delicious fruits mid-August time for many years to come. Growing your own has never been such fun and tasting your own crop always tastes better than shop bought ones. This is a world’s first Leaf Curl Resistant variety that will self-fertile, so there is no need for a pollinator type of tree. Each tree is very easy to grow and fully winter hardy, making them perfect for the UK weather. The beautiful pink, fragrant flowers bloom in the spring and the crop is ready for picking around August time, hopefully yielding around 20kg of delicious peaches. Save £10 with this offer from and grow your very own crop of fabulous fruits for decades to come. Each will be despatched as bare-rooted trees, around 1.5 to 1.8 metres tall and be ready for planting out as soon as they arrive. To enjoy a bumper crop of fabulous peaches every year, simply follow the banner bar above to place your order.

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