If you fancy a bit of the tropics in your garden then this is definitely the deal for you. These wonderful displays will take pride of place as your garden centre piece for many years to come. Despite coming from sunnier climates they are totally winter hardy to around -6c, making them perfect to survive our winter months. The fabulous Tropical Canary Island Date Palm tree can be yours for less than £15 each from This fabulous offer means you get 2 of these incredible trees for just £29.99, saving you £10 on the normal price. These wonderful trees have gorgeous lush green foliage all year round and will add a fantastic impact in your garden, patio or outdoor area. Get 2 of these fabulous Tropical Canary Island Date Palms from to by just clicking the link below.

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Take a look at these fabulous Tropical Canary Island Date Palms from, they will take pride of place in your garden or outdoor living space. These incredible trees might give the impression they will only grow in warmer climates but they are also winter hardy to sustain temperatures as low as -6C, making them perfect for growing here in the UK. They have stunning lush green foliage and that will look simply spectacular in your garden or even patio. They are very easy to grow and only require very little maintenance each year. is offering 2 of these incredible Tropical Canary Island Date Palms for just £29.99, plus postage, saving you £10 on the standard prices. These amazing trees will certainly take pride of place as the centre piece in your garden this year, and for many years to come! Add of bit of the tropics and give your garden a wonderful holiday feel with these fabulous trees. The banner bar above has all the details you need to place your order, so do not delay and click today as this offer will not be around for long.

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