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Take advantage of the new Nintendo addition, get the Wii Fit Plus fitness game at at great price online today. Wii Fit Plus now gives you full access to a great new 15 balance games, this includes juggling and skateboarding, as well as six new strength training and yoga exercise programs. Nintendo have looked for ways to make Wii Fit fit more easily applied to most peoples daily lives. The Japanese video games giant has also announced another health  gadget add-on to this great fitness game “Wii Vitality Sensor” This features a small plastic pulse sensor that clips on to your finger and connects to the Wii pad to measure the user’s heart rate, this really is a great invention. You can now choose from a selection of pre-set exercise routines, there is even a routine designed at reducing stress, how great is that?. You can find out more information about this fabulous new product at www.wiifitplus.co.uk online.

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The Wii Fit has been one of the best-selling video games of the last year, selling more than 15 million copies worldwide since it was launched in 2008. Nintendo has been credited by many for getting a new type of audience to video gaming by offering a great selection of of fun games that are good for you and easy-to-use. www.wiifitplus.co.uk is now on offer at many online stores, click the link to get this fab game online today. The new Wii Fit Plus is perhaps the only form of physical exercise that many of us get these days so get fitter and buy this great device online, unlike going to the gym this game it is fun to use and it's in our front rooms.

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