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Find all the new fantastic deals and special offers from the leaders in top quality sound “Bose” Click the link below to see all the fantastic offers on the latest Wave systems, the great new Acoustic Wave music system 11, Headphones and Headsets plus all of the best quality Sound Dock music systems and much more. BOSE is one of the leaders in Home Entertainment Systems. They produce numerous products, including speakers, WAVE Systems, and Sound Docks for digital portable devices. Their production of DVD Entertainment Packages has made them one of the foremost Home Theatre creators as well. Other technology such as Personal Audio Equipment and sound accessories are additionally produced by BOSE.  One of the primary commitments of BOSE throughout their history has been to technological research. They believe that developing ideas into workable technology is the base factor of successful business. In addition to their contribution to the audio market BOSE has branched out to include the Automotive and Aviation Industries. They have also been on the cutting edge of professional audio systems with stadium sound system designs.

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  1. www.boseinfo.co.uk review by amanda paterson on February 9th, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    today Monday the 9th of February 09 we had delivered our BOSE SOUNDDOCK Series 2. Sound quality absolutly amazing,but 1hour after being turned on the system went dead. After following the reset procedure the system is still not working and is being sent back. Fantastic customer service, but we wish that it was a bad dream and can’t wait to receive our replacement.Thank you.

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The BOSE corporation has spent half a century revealing the results of their cutting edge psycho-acoustic and speaker design research with spectacular products. They have led the new age into the current digital revolution, using innovative designs and spectacular production BOSE has changed the way humans want to hear sound. From concerts to sporting events, BOSE has been there. Founded at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology by Dr. Amar G. Bose some fifty years ago, BOSE has become the leader in the field of audio technology. Each year BOSE pushes for the advancement of audio technology with unique and thorough research. Whether it be in the Olympic Games or in the Sistine Chapel, BOSE has contributed to some of the greatest audio experiences on earth. BOSE sets the company mark at excellence, from there they attempt to expand via research and development. Passion has been a key in creating incredible sound throughout the years, and BOSE is still reaffirming their passion with upcoming technology. BOSE is also a unique company in that they insist on investing profits directly intothe company. They use profit to fund research and establish customer relations through integrated technology. BOSE operates an Internet site with a wealth of company resources. The Learning Center provides online education about products and operations. They have a dealer locater, and a customer service page. They also provide easy contact information for all customer concerns. From the Audio Industry to the Aviation and Automotive sectors BOSE has been pressing the boundaries since their inception. They have developed important formats for sound enhancement and amplification. They have found ways to take those innovations and apply them to everyday life through Home Entertainment Systems and WAVE technology. The leader in sound throughout the world has always been BOSE, and they show no signs of slowing down as we continue in the digital age.

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