The Blackberry Storm Smart Phone | Deals and FREE Handset

The is the new flagship smart-phone from the mobile kings Blackberry, It is exclusively on the Vodafone network and it is available for Free. The new Storm has a full 3.25″ touch-screen and a full qwerty keyboard it also has a 3.2 mega pixel camera and 2x digital zoom. The new Blackberry also has a (HD) High Definition Quality Video recorder, you can video action in High Definition quality and send via email. The phone is designed  for the serious web user, it has a HSDPA chip inside which means it will deliver broadband speed internet. Vodafone have the strongest network out of all the major providers so browsing the web on the move will be no problem. Vodafone have some great tariffs available for this phone starting at just £35 which offers free web browsing, 600 cross network minutes talk time and unlimited texts and email. Vodafone are offer best network connection in the UK, limited stock only. Click the link to see more at Vodafone.

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Other Info about is where the latest new gadget is, the Storm is streets ahead of all the other smart-phones withe loads of features such as HD Video and Sat Nav. or

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