Vodafone Offer in the Press Today – FREE Phones

Fantastic new deal from the mobile network Vodafone, this new offer has big discounts on all the latest phones including the Blackberry Storm and the Nokia N96, free sat nav on the Storm for 6 months plus they now stock the new Nokia 5800. One of the best deals here is for the mobile broadband dongle, this is such a great deal for just £10 for 3 months and £15 for the rest of the contract which is 18 months, as Vodafone have the strongest network the usb broadband will never let you down on the move. Vodafone.co.uk/press also stock their super sim, for just £20 per month you get 600 cross network minutes and unlimited calls between you and 3 other people, a big bonus if you chat a lot to a selected 3 people. Click the link to find out much more about this great new offer.

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  1. Vodafone.co.uk/press review by david scriven on March 29th, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    wish had a phone like the nokia 5800. nice deal with that phone.

  2. Vodafone.co.uk/press review by James Dickinson on April 16th, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Got a Blackberry storm from Vodafone and i love it, saw an advert today in the Sun newspaper for vodafone.co.uk/press and it was offering mobile broadband, if vodafone sell mobile broadband i think it will be the best on the market. I have the best signal with them.

Other Info about Vodafone.co.uk/press

Vodafone.co.uk/press all the latest offers on the best phones and mobile broadband. Click the link above to go to Vodaphone.co.uk/press. Vodafone is a reliable mobile phone service carrier with a variety of service plans. Utilizing the most efficient network in Europe. Vodafone.co.uk/press provides on the go Internet access and unlimited weekend and evening text messages with selected plans. In addition, they offer a broad array of selections for companies searching for excellent mobile service. Vodafone has demonstrated a commitment to innovation in the world of mobile communication. Their continued exploration of customer outreach and business enterprise has led to extraordinary company growth. Vodafone is ahead of the curve in network solutions. They offer unique and customizable plans to individual customers as well as growing companies. Vodafone/press has also invested in one of a kind sponsorship opportunities. This has led to a more defined and approachable profile for the company. As a result worldwide perception of Vodafone is wholly positive. The expansion of positive perception is integral to the retention of vodafone customers. Vodafone recently sponsored the UEFA Champions League. They are also a contributing sponsor to NASCAR and Indy Racing League teams. From Rugby teams to Cricket squads, Vodafone chooses quality affiliates in all business arenas, opening the door for customers and clients to join a quality partnership. Vodafone is an award-winning Internet provider and this offer comes with big discounts on the latest handsets. Whether on the move with broadband mobile or from home, you will discover the Vodafone network is a pillar of strength. The company also offers a reliable Help Center with the ability to check network coverage. As proven over the years, Vodafone dedicates time and innovation to the customer. Using modern ideology and purposeful action Vodafone has garnered a satisfied customer base throughout Europe and the Americas. The most important quality for a mobile communication company to possess is the flexibility of change coupled with the sturdiness of consistent service. Vodafone is the best choice for any mobile communication needs so click the link above now for loads more information.

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