Blackberry Storm – £35 per month and Free Phone

Mobile giants Vodafone are now offering out the new Blackberry Storm. The first thing you will notice about the new BlackBerry Storm phone is its super sized 3.25″ resolution screen, it has 65000 colours to give you a totally crystal clear view of exactly what you are doing, with a quality 3.2 Megapixel digital camera with auto flash and auto focus with 2x digital zoom, the new Blackberry also has a (HD) High Definition Quality Video recorder, you can video action in High Definition quality and send via email. When it comes to messaging and email this device has 3 different options of a keyboard style, landscape, portrait (for quick SMS) or the on screen QWERTY keyboard for longer messages. The new Blackberry Storm is fully internet enabled using HSPDA technology which is quicker than 3G and almost as quick as broadband speeds for the serious web browser. This new phone has many features onboard it is almost like something from the future and with Vodafone having the strongest network they go together perfectly. From £35 a month you could get a free phone, 600 minutes , unlimited internet browsing and unlimited texts. Click the link to take advantage of this great new offer from Vodafone.

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Other Info about This is a great new state of the art mobile with heaps of new functions. Vodafone/storm will really put the iPhone and the Tocco to the test, the new blackberrystorm is set to blow the touch screen mobile market apart

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