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Technology just keeps getting better and better and at long last we have something to show that will put all the current set-top boxes to shame.  Here we have the very latest set-top box that not only gives you 500 hours of standard TV or around 100 hours of HD TV. The box will allow you not only to watch, rewind, and pause and fast forward your TV programs but also has a massive hard drive for you to record all you favourite programs and films.  Plus with the offer you can record three programs and watch the a fourth making sure none of you have to miss your favourite programs, something our competitors can not offer.  If you would like to know more about the deal and the Tivo box simply click on the below link for more information and sign up today. If you already have a Tivo box in your home please feel free to leave comments in the box below, all will be published but please, no bad language.

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Switching to has never been easier and now you can finally get your hands on THE set-top box around. The is the latest offering from one of the best media companies around. The TiVo box comes in two different sizes from a 1TB that has SIX times more storage than the current V-Box it can record around 500 hours of normal TV and approx. 100 hours of HD TV. The 500GB box might be smaller in comparison but will still hold 250 hours of standard TV with 50 hours of HD TV. The deal also boasts about being able to record 3 programs at the same time and watch a fourth, making sure the family do not miss out on any of their programs. The TiVo also has a TiVo Wishlist automatically saves a favourite search for a show, genre or actor and makes sure every program they appear on or every show in the series is recorded. The promotion comes with a free Tivo box which enables you to use the new search feature which lets you search all recordings making it easier for you to find your favourite shows and previous recordings. Switching to has never been easier, simply place your order on-line and let do all the hard work for you, the best news of all means you wont have any down time. Do not just take our word for it, have a look for yourself and find out how fantastic the TiVo box is, simply click on the below link for more information.

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