If you have cable you can be forgiven to think that some competitors offer a better kind of TV box that will allow you to record, pause and rewind your favourite TV programs.  Now we are pleased to announce that have released the best TV box around with so many additional functions it really does keep all the competitors in the dark.  The Tivo box is now here with over 1TB (terabyte) hard-drive (which is massive) giving you up to 500 hours standard recording time, the amount will reduce if you record HD programs. have some of the best deals around and not only can you record up to 3 programs and watch something you’ve record making sure no one in the family misses out but you can also search and record your favourite programs whilst away from home with a handy app on your mobile phone.  Plus if you delete a program by mistake don’t worry as the Tivo box saves all recently deleted programs for a short time.  Why not add broadband and calls to your TV package and save up to 50% on your subscription. To find out more about the simply click on the below link for more information.

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Virginmedia are never ones to sit in the shadows of their competitors and here they have excelled themselves once more an found a concept to challenge their nearest rivals. The Tivo box is here and allows you record up to 3 programs at the same time whilst watching a prerecorded program. The are not to be missed with great savings to be made. The Virginmedia Tivo box comes in 2 different sizes from a 500GB hard drive giving you 250 standard hours recording time or you can opt for the massive 1TB (terabyte) giving up to 500 standard hours recording time, expect less if you are recording HD programs. If you are out and about and forget to record a program then don’t fret as you can use a app on your mobile phone (selected models) to record. Plus if you like a certain series of soap then once you have recorded it Tivo will remember and record all following episodes until you tell it to stop. really have thought of everything and shortly they will be adding the red button function to the Tivo service. really have come out top with their Tivo box and once you’ve got it you really won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget if you add broadband and calls to your TV package you can save up to 50% on your monthly subscription. Click on the below link today to find out what the has to offer you and how easy it is to order your very own Tivo box online.

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