Virgin Media up to 20Mb Broadband from just £4.50 per Month

This is the new Super fast Broadband from Virgin Media, have started to use fibre optic cables instead of the old copper cables for super fast broadband. This fantastic new Broadband can be ordered via this link for just £4.50 per month, Virgin have been installing this new cable all over the UK to enable broadband to be delivered at speeds of up to 20Mb. There are 3 Broadband options from Virgin, the first option is £5 for speeds of up to 10Mb the second option is the £8.50 a month deal for Broadband speeds of up to 50Mb and the fastest of all is the £15 per month option for massive speeds of up to 20Mb, this is more than has ever been offered before. Check your postcode via this link to see if the mother of all broadband is available in your area. The best thing of all about Virgin Broadband is it simply will never go out of date, fibre optic Broadband is a product of the future so apply now to get this great service at the best value rates.

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  1. review by John on November 9th, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    What a great deal this is, i got this 2 weeks ago and it is just so fast, i was a tiscali customer before and this is so much better and faster.

Other Info about the new way to get ultra fast broadband for just £5. is super fast unlike any other broadband. This deal is special in loads of ways, giving mega speeds at mega prices just £5 per month with extras, click the link above to see if this fantastic service is available in your area.

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