We all love our garden to be full of blooms as much as possible but in the winter time there aren’t many plants that like to flower, until now! This beautiful plant will give you an abundance of colour and fragrance right through the winter month and still look wonderful during the spring. is offering the fabulous and rare winter flowering clematis that will offer wonderful multi-coloured flowers from November to March every year. When this wonderful clematis is not in bloom it offers gorgeous fluffy seed heads throughout the spring. The Clematis Napualensis comes from Nepal and parts of China, and the UK offers the perfect winter weather for it to thrive for years to come. You can get this wonderful plant from for just £9.99 each, saving you at least £5 on the normal price. This amazing plant will look fabulous in one of their tower pots, specifically designed to give a spectacular display. To find out more about this amazing clematis and tower pot simply click on the link below today.

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The fabulous Clematis Napualensis can be yours from as little as £9.99 from with this fantastic offer. This amazing plant loves the winter months and will offer beautiful multi-coloured bell shaped blooms all winter long, from November right through to March. It will then produce beautiful fluffy seed heads for the rest of the spring, if not longer. The clematis napualensis originated from parts of China and Nepal and is very rare in the UK at the moment. It will also offer fantastic sweet fragrance, making it a very welcomed addition to your garden throughout the winter. It will grow to around 3m or 10ft tall and will thrive on a sheltered patio or courtyard and is supplied in a pot around 7cm. This wonderfully rare plant will make a very welcomed addition to your garden for many years to come, and one you won’t want to be without. is also offering fabulous climbing pots, perfect for your clematis to grow in as well as their fantastic Incredibloom fertiliser that will help produce up to 400% more flowers each year. All the details needed to place your order can be found on the link above, click today to avoid any delay, your plant will be dispatched within 10 days of ordering.

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