If you are having problems with the feline pets in your garden or outside living space then take a look at this fabulous offer. This wonderful plant not only acts as a deterrent but is also a welcomed addition to your garden or outside living space. They are very easy to grow and can withstand short periods of droughts, making the Coleus Canina the perfect addition to your garden. has an amazing offer on at the moment where you can get 5 plants from only £9.99, alternatively 10 plants costs just £14.98 and 20 plants only £19.96, saving £20! The Coleus Canina is a natural and humane way to deter cats but also rabbits, foxes and dogs by giving offer an offensive smell that is barely noticeable by us humans. More commonly known as the Scaredy Cat plants, they can be planted anywhere including flower beds and borders along with patio pots and containers. Best best placed in sun light as the odour becomes stronger the warmer the plants become. The plant itself offers beautiful lush green leaves and beautiful blue flowers throughout the summer months. Do not miss out on this special offer from for the beautiful Coleus Canina, click on the link today to place your order.

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This amazing offer from is just what you need if you are fed up with cats and other animals in your garden. The Coleus Canina is the perfect solution, it offers the most humane and natural way to prevent cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits away. This fabulous offer will give 5 plants for only £9.99, there is an additional £5 saving if you want 10 of these amazing plants or a massive £20 saving when you purchase 20 plants. These beautiful plants offer lovely green petals that produce an odour that cats and the likes find offensive, meaning they will most probably think twice about entering your outside space. Direct sunlight will get the best from these plants as they produce more odour, thankfully this odour is hardly noticed by humans. During the summer months these plants produce delicate blue cluster flowers. The Coleus Canina are so easy to maintain, they will thrive on neglect and can even endure periods of droughts. This fabulous offer from is also offering patio planter pots with matching saucers, buy 2 for just £14.98 or 4 for £19.96. To find out more about all these special offers simply click on the link below today.

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