T-Mobile Sim Card Offer – From £15 – Discounted Deals

Still got your current phone but don’t want a new 18 month contract? T-mobile has the answer, with this fantastic new offer from T-mobile.co.uk/starsolo it’s so simple, you just apply for a sim card or even two for nothing/free which includes free postage. For just £15 per month you will have 350 cross network Minutes talk time plus 650 Texts to use up, The other great thing about this offer is you only need to give T-mobile 30 days notice to cancel the contract. The the only slight drawback to this deal is, you can only use the minutes in the UK. If you like to use your mobile a little more or spend more than 350 minutes on your handset each month other deals are available from T-mobile such as £20 for 500 Mins and unlimited Texts or £25 for 800 Mins and unlimited Texts. For more information on this great deal and to order your FREE sim card or cards just click the link or banners.

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T-mobile.co.uk/starsolo the new and cheapest way of running a mobile phone. Starting at £15 you have loads of minutes and texts with no long contract. T-mobile.com/starsolo is the new way to go and save in the current climate and the credit crunch.

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