These fabulous climbing plants will look absolutely stunning growing up walls and arbours, producing beautiful cascading purple fragrant flowers every year. These wonderful shrubs offers amazing displays around May and June and the striking small pea shaped flowers that are loved by bees and butterflies alike. is offering the Wisteria Sinensis ‘Prolific’ for just £9.99, saving you £10 on the normal price. These fabulous plants look simply stunning when they are in full bloom plus they give off the most amazing fragrance. You can train the Wisteria to grow up in certain places and love walls along with trellises and fences. All orders will be despatched the following day from placing your order, making it the perfect time to plant in your desired space. Enjoy this fantastic shrub from and click on the link below to find out more.

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The stunning Wisteria Sinensis ‘Prolific’ can be yours from as little as £9.99 from This stunning shrub loves to grow up walls, fences and trellises and will produce a spectacular display every year around during May and June. It will grow to an amazing 9 metres tall and around 5 metres wide and you can train it to grow in a certain way if you like. These wonderful plants look simply amazing and produce the most fabulous fragrances which is loved by bees. Placing your order has never been easier, just click on the above link and follow the instructions. All orders will be dispatched the following day, with your plant being garden ready and around 7cm tall. You can boost the growth of your Wisteria by using their amazing Incredibloom fertiliser that can promote up to a 400% growth. These fabulous plants can be planted out as soon as they are received which makes it perfect to get into the ground before the frost sets in. has plenty of offers on at the moment, follow the banner bar below today to find out more.

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