Take a look at this wonderful plant that will take pride of place in your garden year after year. It has beautiful deep blue blooms that give a fabulous sweet fragrance. This striking plant has lovely thick green foliage, making it perfect to fill out borders or in a tub or container of its own. is offering their very latest creation of the New Love clematis for just £14.99; if you buy 2 you will only pay £19.99, saving you a massive £9.99! This wonderful clematis is a herbaceous perennial that will grow and spread year after year, so a very worthwhile investment. The beautiful royal blue flowers open in into stunning stars when in full bloom. Each plant wull be delivered over the next couple of months and will flower from June to September each year. Save money with this fabulous offer from and click the banner bar below today to find out more.

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The stunning new clematis is now here offering stunning beautiful royal blue flowers all summer long. The New Love clematis is available from for just £14.99, but if you buy 2 you will save £9.99 as you will only pay £19.99 for them both. This beautiful plant is very happy in borders alongside their favourite companions, the lupins and delphiniums. They will grow to approx. 2-3ft and may require a little pruning every now and then. The New Love clematis loves the summer months and flowers from June right through to September. Each plant supplied will be garden ready in 9cm pots and delivered in the next 4-8 weeks. Why not give your beautiful clematis a fabulous start with the Chempack Clematis Food, which will help it grow and increase the flowers up to 50%, for just £9.99. Make sure you have one or two of these stunning plants in your garden this year and make the most of this amazing deal from Follow the link above for more information and to see all their other deals currently available.

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