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Great advice for Tesco.com, this is a brilliant way to spend less  on your weekly shop and save a fortune at Tesco. Tesco.com/spendless is the new promotion and this is the way to save.


1…Stick to a sensible a budget and keep a running total as you shop, this will keep tabs on exactly what you are spending and you won’t get an unpleasant surprise at the till.

2…Write a list before you shop and stick to it, avoid all those impulse buys, the majority of the time impulse buys end up being a total waste of money. Online shopping is a fantastic way to keep to your list and you’ll know exactly what your final bill will be.

3…Why not look for cheaper alteratives, Tesco.com have over 6000 ‘Cheaper Alternatives’ on al the major brands so you can easily switch to a cheaper option and save money, it’s as simple as that.

4…Find over 1000 discounted options each week at Tesco online and to make it easy for you find them they have all been grouped together so they stand out for you.

5…There are hundreds of special offers on the internet that you won’t find in store so take a look at the Tesco.com website to find them.

6…Always remember your Tesco Clubcard is there to save you money, there are loads of fantastic deals available with your clubcard, get 4 times more for your money from restaurants and find fantastic deals on day trips and short breaks.

Always remember Tesco will deliver your shopping to your door so click the link to go online shopping with the supermarket giants, follow this great advice and see how much you can save.

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Tesco.com/spendlessis a great way to save money. Follow the fantastic advice and see how much you can save. Take a day trip to france and pay just 25% of the normal cost with your clubcard vouchers on Euro tunnel or P&O ferries. Find 100's discounted items at Tescos.com/spendless. For all the tips click the link above.

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