Teasmade on Sale at John Lewis

Get an all new stylish teasmade at a fantastic price from John Lewis online today by simply clicking on the link below, The good old teasmade has just made a massive comeback and it’s on sale now, it’s had a 21st century makeover! Invest in this fabulous new product and you’ll be joining a unique group of people, go back 70 odd years and this was a must have for all households. It’s making a comeback so be the first to own the new type, wake up to a nice hot cup of tea in the morning. This is the latest model from Swan and it benefits from a backlit LCD clock, sleek styling to suit the modern bedroom or living space, it has a 4-cup capacity high quality ceramic pot, and a reading light too, which no teasmade would be complete without. If tea isn’t your thing and you prefer a cup of coffee in the morning, this modern Teasmade can make.

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  1. Teasmade on Sale at John Lewis review by gerry on March 13th, 2015 at 10:41 am

    where is it? cant find teasmade on your site yet you advertise it, not impressed john lewis!

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Get the all new modern Teasmade at a fantastic price from John Lewis online with FREE delivery. This great British invention combined an alarm clock with a kettle and offered you the chance of waking up each morning to a fresh cup of tea without having to leave the comfort of the bed. At the height of their popularity many British households had one. NEWSFLASH.... It's made a comeback, it's on sale now- Order online today by clicking on the link above.

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