T-Mobile Massive new deal on Sim Card – £15 per Month

New T-mobile deal from London Metro paper for free sim card. This deal is for the mobile user that wants to keep their current mobile number and doesn’t want to be stuck with a long term contract. T-mobile have the answer, with a fantastic new promotion from T-mobile.co.uk/metrosim,  just apply for a sim card or two for free which includes free postage and off you go. For just £15 a month you will get 350 cross network Minutes plus 650 Texts, The other great thing about this offer is you only need to give T-mobile 30 days notice to cancel the contract. The the only slight drawback to this deal is, you can only use the minutes in this country. If you are a heavier mobile user or use more than 350 minutes on your mobile each month other deals are available such as £20 for 500 Mins and unlimited Texts or £25 for 800 Mins and unlimited Texts. For more information and to order your FREE sim card just click the link.

Click Here to See Offer Details

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Other Info about T-mobile.co.uk/metrosim

This new deal was seen in the Metro paper today, T-mobile.co.uk/metrosim is the offer advertised but some people seem to be entering this putting the wrong url/title in, some are using tmobile.com/metrosim and others tmobile/metrosim please be sure to get this correct

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