Sony KDL-55EX503U Review

If you love watching sports on television you’re probably familiar with one of the downsides of most large-screen high definition televisions: blur. Fast-moving action like sports is often digitally blurred to the point where it can be distracting. It can be especially annoying if it occurs during a critical point in the game. Fortunately, Sony has made great strides in addressing this problem with its new Motionflow technology. In fact, in doing the research for an independent Sony KDL-55EX503U review, I’ve concluded that Motionflow is this television’s greatest success.

This particular set is a 55-inch, full HD 1080 television with a list of great features. The most impressive being that it operates at 100Hz producing twice as many images in the same amount of time as the typical 50Hz set. This is the key component of the Motionflow system. It is such an improvement that once you’ve seen a football game on the KDL-55EX503, you’re going to want one for yourself.

Other features that make this TV worthwhile include the colour and clarity of Sony’s Bravia Engine 3, 1920 x 1080 resolution, ambient sensor system to accommodate for varying amounts of light in a room, 4 HDMI inputs, USB connections for wireless dongles and media players, front surround speakers, Freeview TV tuner, and more. Registered users are enrolled in the My Sony program, giving them access to special offers, product tutorials, and other resources. This great television is great value for the money but if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for why not browse a huge range of  televisions at our sister website TV Review and get the best option for your money.

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Some of the key features on the Sony KDL-55EX503U include 100Hz Motionflow, Freeview-HD Tuner, 4x HDMI inputs (very handy), Full HD 1080p for the best possible picture, 100Hz Technology which delivers smooth detailed superior picture quality, built in Freeview HD for easy subscription and free high definition TV channels, there really are so many fabulous features on this set, find out more by clicking the offer bar above. Please leave comments about our Sony KDL-55EX503U review for others to see, a second, third, forth opinion is always good to hear.

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