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Here is the perfect solution for households who have completely different taste in what to watch on TV.  No matter who wants to watch what, whether it’s the kids TV that takes over or sports you can now sit back and relax and watch your favourite programs in live or recorded TV.  The deal is the perfect solution where you can have Sky TV in every room of the house if you wanted to.  Sky Multiroom will save all those arguments and make the house a happy one again, plus what’s more you will still get to watch in fabulous HD quality is simple, all you need is a TV in the additional room or rooms and will provide you with all the boxes in standard or HD with your first box being completely free of charge! A small subscription charge will be made for each additional box. really is the ideal solution for family’s that likes peace and harmony in the house, to find out more just click on the link today.


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Other Info about will do exactly what it says! A happy home is the place where you want to be and here is your chance to get the fabulous Multiroom allowing you to have as many set top boxes in as many rooms as you want. Multiroom works the same way as your current Sky+ account, you will be able to pause and rewind live TV and record up to 2 programs at the same time in standard or fabulous HD quality. Having Multiroom means you can sit in peace and watch your favourite programs whilst the kids watch theirs or the sport is one. All you need to have is a TV in each room you want Sky+ TV and will provide you with as many boxes as you need, with the first one being free of charge, you will be charged a small additional amount each month for each set top boxes you use. You can choose whether you want your package to be, if you aren’t bothered about it being able to record etc. you just need to choose the basic box or you could have the all singing and dancing package of Sky+ HD, with a small additional charge each month for HD. really is just that and allow you to never miss one of your favourite shows. Signing up is simple regardless if you are current or a new customer to, simply click on the link and follow the Multiroom instructions and happy viewing!

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