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Tempted by the chance of getting 20Mb of superfast broadband totally free of charge, if so then nows the time to act fast and order online, after all why pay for expensive broadband that cuts off and runs slow at peak times when you can have a complete package with a reliable broadband service chucked in for free. Switch to Sky today and never look back, from as little as £7.50 each month you can now get an unlimited usage of broadband with a free wireless router along with free evening and weekend telephone calls, if you fancy taking advantage of one of the best deals out there why not choose a Sky digital TV package, choose a FREE HD box if you’re lucky enough to have a flat panel HD ready TV and get access to hundreds of channels at the touch of a button, click the offer bar below to find out more or visit for more information.

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Get free telephone calls and broadband when you order online at, order today and get the finest broadband available for nothing, click the offer bar above to find out more.

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