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Invest your savings over 10 years with Scottish Friendly and you’ll be delighted to know your money will be tax free, yes, no income tax or capital gains tax to pay at all, this gives you savings of £15 to £25 each and every month. When you invest with the Scottish Bond, you’re saving fully tax-free in two great ways. Firstly, unlike most investments and savings accounts, your money grows free from tax (other than tax on dividends from UK shares). Secondly, you don’t pay any tax at all on the pay-out when your Bond matures. This 10-year investment plan is for anyone aged between 16 and 64. Simply set aside an affordable amount of money each month and you’ll have a sizeable lump sum to look forward to at the end of your plan. Just imagine, it could help pay for a brand new car or the holiday you’ve always wanted. Click on the link below to find out more. With the promotion you can apply online now and receive a £30 Marks and Spencer voucher.

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Individuals from all walks of life in and around the United Kingdom work selflessly hard to earn a living and maintain a good social and family life. However, with the cost of living rising up increasingly and as the world faces a financial crisis, it can become a daunting task for working individuals to keep a tab of their savings and maintain a good investment plan that is tax-free, risk-free and provides a secure and stable future. To assist the working population with smooth and efficient strategy, Scottish Friendly Assurance has been the front runner in helping individuals made the appropriate investments that are in compliance with their own specific needs and requirements. Scottish Friendly Assurance is one of the premium and efficient ways to save money by investing online along with one’s ISA Allowance. With savings plans and investment options for everyone, there are complete life coverage opportunities that are guaranteed to provide impressive returns. With their complete range of investment bonds, individuals can take advantage of their tax-free allowance and let their money grow free of Income and Capital Gains. Added Life Coverage includes a complete secure option which starts at 25p a day. Additionally, there are a complete ranges of Savings Plans which have been providing UK residents complete tax-free flexibility in opting for the perfect plan that matches up to their specifications. Additional features are designed for junior and children that come amalgamated with Child Saving Bonds which provide a tax-free saving plan for any child and requires no payment to be made towards income tax or capital gains.  Opting for Scottish Friendly Assurance to take care of one’s complete savings requirements is the ideal choice which individuals can make in their bid to secure a safe and financially sound future that ascertains to provide rewarding results. Visit or for a FREE M&S voucher, to find out more simply click on the bar above.

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