O2 Broadband on the move with a FREE USB modem

O2.co.uk new offer on mobile broadband. The days are now gone of internet access in just one room, surf the World Wide Web in your home, on the move, on holiday or even outdoors in the garden shed, take the internet anywhere on the move and have a great broadband reception with O2.co.uk/mobilebroadband. Just plug your O2 USB broadband dongle/modem in the side of your laptop and off you go, full internet access it really is that simple. For your £15 per month you get 3GB of downloads, around 3 hours of web surfing and about 150 emails, the broadband dongle also gives you access to  over 6000 Wifi spots throughout the UK. O2 have a 50 day happiness policy which means if you are not one hundred percent happy with your new purchase you have 50 days to return it at no cost. Before you decide if the O2 mobile internet is the rite choice for you click the link below to see all the 3GB coverage in your area and the local hot spots arround you you. O2 have a second to none reputation for quality value and service in the mobile network sector so be assured of a great deal with the network leaders.

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www.O2.co.uk/mobilebroadband and www.02.co.uk/mobilebroadband are the most common urls typed in for this great product, please let us know what you think of this fantastic device from O2

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