If you fancy getting your gas and electricity capped until July next year there’s only one supplier worth switching to and the best thing of all is you can now get £100 annual discount when you opt to take both gas and electricity and pay by direct debit continuously for 12 months. All prices are capped when you switch over to the “Price Protector” plan from Npower, and it’s available to apply right now online by either clicking the offer bar below or clicking, it’s a simple process to switch over and it’s available to all new customers when they take both gas and electricity or just electricity if you have no gas mains. With energy prices constantly on the up there’s never been a better time to join Npower and the protection of the capping plan. Get an online quote today, it only takes a few minutes and you could save as much as £244, all you need to know is which supplier currently supplies your gas and electricity and how much you pay on average per month. Find out more today and start saving money on your household bills.

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  1. review by Steve Watkins on March 30th, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    What a brilliant idea, i’ve never heard of a energy supplier offering this kind of service, i think i’ll look into this further and join up if it’s as good as your website says, why has no other supplier ever thought of this before (maybe they have but it’s unknown to me) sounds like the perfect policy for the hard times this nation is in.

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Switch to an energy supplier you really can trust and get your energy bills capped for less than you thing, there really are savings galore available right now with the online promotion.

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