With the weather cooling down it is the perfect time to turn to turn to your favourite tipple. Here we have a fantastic selection of beautiful fine wines to tickle your taste buds. This fabulous selection has been handpicked to make sure they complement scrumpcious dinners this time of year. Take a look at the amazing autumn selection of 12 Merlot wines from at an amazing price. This fabulous selection will complement warm hearty casseroles; roasts and spaghetti bolognaise or satisfy one their own. The Merlot wines have been handpicked from only the top vineyards across the globe, including the award winning Ginestieres, and the Don Cayetano and Chapel from the very experienced Chileans. South Africa’s Stumble Vineyards and Spain’s Finca Libertad are also included in the pack. All orders are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and FREE delivery is also included. This fabulous offer from will save you money so why not click the below link today to make sure you do not miss out.

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This fabulous selection of Merlot wines from is ready and waiting for your order. The selection will save you over £30 making it a price that cannot be matched, plus you will get FREE delivery, saving over £7! These lovely wines come from across the globe including the award winning Ginestieres and the South African Stumble Vineyards along with the superb Foinca Libertad in Spain and not forgetting the wonderful Chilean Don Cayetano and Chapel Vineyards. You will receive 2 bottles of each wine that is perfect to accompany any warm hearty casserole or roast or simply to enjoy on their own. Enjoy this amazing selection of winter Merlot wines from a company you can trust, so make sure do not miss out! Each order is covered by a 100% money back guarantee on satisfaction and they aim for delivery just 3 days from your order being place. Make the most of this fantastic offer from and save over £30 on your selection of lovely Merlot wines, just click on the below link today to place your order and receive FREE delivery.

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