If you are looking for a different way of getting around then take a look at this fantastic new invention. At first you might think it will be too much hard work but when you look into it further you couldn’t be more wrong. It is just like riding a normal one but when the peddling gets tough the high performance motor kicks in. The fabulous Gtech eBike comes with the same type of Lithium-ion battery that is used to power electric cars and will give you additional peddle power up to 30 miles. This amazing deal from means you can get a FREE accessory pack that will save you over £99 for a limited time. A built in computer will boost your power to around 15mph, if you want to go faster and burn more calories, all you need to do is peddle faster, it will help when you reach a hill or when you start to slow down. There are no fancy gears for you to get used to or an oily chain for you to get into a mess with, just a carbon belt drive, the same you will find on most high performance motor bikes. Charging has never been easier, as it is very easy to remove and will be fully charged in around 3 hours. This really is a fantastic solution from and perfect for those who are looking for a bike with an extra boost. Click on the below link today to find out more.

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Other Info about are offering their fabulous eBike at an amazing price at the moment. It looks like any normal bike but has a fantastic powerful motor that will help give you boast as and when you need it. It comes in two different frame sizes, a 17” City that has a step through frame and a 20” Sport that has a cross bar. The frames are light and strong, only weighing 16kg and have aluminium rust resistant alloys and come with special hybrid tyres that are puncture resistant. A built in computer is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the same used in electric cars and will give assistance for around 30 miles, perfect for days our or your daily commute. The Gtech eBike built in computer will assist you up to 15mph, if you want to work harder all you need to do is pedal faster, the assisted peddling will kick in whenever you start to slow down or going up hills. Riding the eBike is just the same as any ordinary bike, without the fancy, confusing gears or an oily chain. Each eBike comes with 2 speed controls, alternatively you can switch them off and ride like any ordinary bicycle. This amazing deal also includes a FREE accessory pack saving you over £99, it includes a helmet, lights, kickstand and mudguards. Cycling really is the way to enjoy exercise and fresh air and save you money at the same time, it could even get you to your chosen destination, especially during rush hour, quicker than your current method. To find out more about the exciting eBike from and to place your order simply follow the banner bar today.

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