This fantastic new invention will help you make light work of hills and will be there when you are getting tired. It is one of the best things we have seen on the market for a while and can understand why they are in such high demand. It is perfect for those who are looking at getting back on the saddle but put off with the thought of long journeys and going up hills. The Gtech eBike is currently on offer with will help boost your pedal power, as and when you need it most. All orders will receive a FREE accessory pack, worth over £99. It has a high performance Lithium-ion battery, the very same that is used in electric cars. It works with the built in computer that continually measures your performance and when your pedal power starts to drop it will give you a well-needed boost. It is all automatic, with a top speed of 15mph, however, if you want to go faster you can pedal faster. The Gtech eBike comes with a clean carbon belt in place of the greasy, oily chain and doesn’t have any gears to confuse you with. The battery is easily removed, making charging simple and will only take around 3 hours from flat to full. The bike frame is made from aluminium alloy that is lightweight, only weighs 16kg, and is also rust resistant. It has a range of up to 30 miles on one charge, plenty for most people on a daily basis. The Gtech eBike is the new way of cycling and for limited time it comes with £99 of accessories that include a helmet, lights, kickstand and mudguards. Do not miss out on this fabulous offer from and click on the banner bar below today to find out more and to place your order.

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The fantastic Gtech eBike is currently on offer with and with this amazing offer you can get £99 worth of accessories. These include a kickstand and mudguards along with a helmet and lights. This amazing new Gtech eBike is set to change the way we think about cycling and will give you an added boost just when you need it most. A 36v Lithium-ion battery, the very same kind of battery used in electric cars, powers the onboard computer. It has a charge of around 30 miles and only takes 3 hours to recharge, from flat to full. The computer monitors how you are pedalling and if you drop below a certain level it will kick in and help you pedal, with a top speed of 15mph. If that is too fast then using your brakes will control your speed, and if it isn’t fast enough then your very own pedal power will take over. It is perfect for helping you go up hills and when you are feeling a bit tired. The rust resistant aluminium alloy frame only weighs around 16kg, which is very lightweight and easy to ride with our without the power being switched. Charging the bike costs around 4p each time, and it is perfect for using on your commute to work, saving you on travel cards, parking and fuel. The Gtech eBkike from is revolutionary and we believe the way forward for cycling. To place your order or to just find out more, simply follow the banner bar above today.

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