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This is the best offer on the market for the new Nintendo DSI XL, you can get a brand new DSI XL at a great price at Game by trading in your old Xbox 360, Nintedo DS Lite or a Nintedo Wii. if you don’t have an old console to trade in you can order a brand new Nintendo DSI XL by clicking the link below at the Game ( xl) online store. Be sure to be getting the best deal on your DSi XL at XL

This is what gives the new DSi XL its name. Nintendo say that the screens on the DSi XL are a whopping 93% bigger than those on the original DSi, making this the handheld console with the widest viewing area of them all, it’s even bigger and better than Sony’s PSP. This fabulous addition to the Nintendo family comes in a great selection of colours too, choose between a wine red and a dark brown with a glossy finish on top and a mat finish on the base.

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  1. review by grace on February 16th, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I played on my 2nd cousin’s DSi and it was fantastic, its the small things that make a huge difference like when you go onto “pictochat” and you want to quit “pictochat” you would have to shut down the whole thing (DS lite)also I liked the camera’s and they where better than expected which was good.Finally I loved the internet you could connect too, even though it wouldn’t let me go on sertain things. Personally I would buy the DSi becuase it is fantastic and I haven’t herd anything bad about it.

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