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Did you know you can now find the very best Dell laptops and Netbooks at fantastically low prices in their special offers section, click on the link bar below to find out more. The main difference between a laptop and a netbook is the netbook is designed for a lifestyle on the move, they are portable, slightly smaller and light but still do everything a full size laptop can. Laptops are for general purpose and everyday use providing excellent quality at an outstanding value. The Del range now starts from just £199, this is for a Mini 10 and Mini 10v, they have everything you want in a mobile companion and much more more. They may be small, but you’ll be surprised by all the fun and intelligent features packed inside this compact case. The laptop collection starts at £299 and you’ll be surprised at what you get for your money, this is a great general purpose laptop for everyday use, it has all the standard features and comes with an outstanding 15.6″ widescreen, the Inspiron 15 is a full size laptop providing excellent quality and comes complete with genuine Windows Vista operating system at a low low price. Please note the Laptops and Netbooks mentioned here are the base products and in our eyes simply fantastic value. Del, take a look online today and bag an absolute bargain.

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Dell have established themselves now into what we all know as one of the main electronics companies in the UK, they are known for offering computers with very high specks at rock bottom prices. Del advertise on TV now with some great offers and you can find them by simply clicking on the link bar above or visiting or Get a Del netbook with Windows Vista installed for as little as £199, ready to use out of the box, these come with wireless technology installed so you are never without the internet. take a look at some of the great Laptop deals available too at this great site, they start at just £299 and also have a fantastic specification.

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