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If your current broadband is slow and keeps dropping out BT have the have the perfect solution for you, their new fibre optic broadband. If you’re into social networking, online gaming or you just do a lot of downloading and uploading, this really is your perfect partner…. With download speeds of up to 40Mb this is the most powerful broadband ever, it opens a whole new world of options online, in an instant, click the offer bar below to find out more. Switching from your current broadband supplier to the infinity offer is so simple, all you need is your MAC code, you can get a cover letter from the main BT website today, this is the “switch me’ letter” all you need to do is complete the form with your details and send it via email or by post. When you have the MAC code, you’re ready to to get super fast broadband, find out more and order up online.

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Get the today and see the difference, superfast broadband that just can't be missed out on. Order online at a fantastic price today. Infinity is being launched in stages across the UK, find out if this fantastic broadband deal is available in your area right now by clicking the offer bar above.

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