The very latest smart dual-band router is now available, offering a more reliable connection and reducing any drop out issues along with making sure your Internet experience is a good one. The installation is very simple and only takes a few minutes, one push of a button and hey presto you are ready to surf away! The is now available to new and existing customers and offers the very latest wireless technology making sure you stay on line when you need to be. It boasts a faster processor allowing more information to be passed between all your connected devices and the Internet. The router also has smart diagnostic lights on the front, making it easier to spot a problem with your connection. The will give you an all-round better experience with your BT broadband, click the below bar to find out more about the impressive technology and how to place your order.

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The is now here and offers a more stable and reliable internet connection. Thanks to the dual band technology it not only performs better but reduces the amount of drop outs you might have previously experienced. The new sleek design means it will not look out of place anywhere in the home and takes up next to any space, it will need to be plugged into the main telephone point and be near a plug socket. The fast processor means you can access and download much quicker than before as well as share between all other connected devices. The has updates diagnostics lights making it much easier to identify if there are any problems with your connection. The really is the best wireless router about and will really enhance your BT broadband service. To read more about this fantastic piece of technology just click on the bar above.

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