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If you’re a British Gas customer receiving income or disability-related benefits or aged 70 or over British Gas can insulate your home free of charge. Insulating your home is one of the most effective ways to keep warm and cut your bills in the cold weather, you can click the link bar below to go to the offer page at British Gas. You can even save money when you join or switch over to today. British Gas are committed to working with local authorities to help residents save energy and money as well as helping the environment by improving home energy efficiency. One of the ways we are doing this is through our council tax rebate scheme. Each household who invests in home insulation from British Gas under this scheme will receive a rebate of up to £125 from their local authority and could see energy savings of around £365 a year through installing loft and cavity wall insulation, what are you waiting for, click below to find the best insulation solution for your home.


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Wall insulation is done from the outside of your home so there's no mess inside. Loft insulation should be 10cm deep to stop the heat from escaping. Home insulation could save you £365 a year on heating bills. Home Insulation gives your home a better energy efficiency rating, which could increase its value plus it helps to keep your home cooler during the Summer months. Join up today at or by simply clicking on the link bar above this article.

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