These gorgeous trees will take pride of place by doors and gateways this year, and with a bit of tender loving care they will last for many years to come. They look simple beautiful and will definitely add a bit of festive cheer to your outside area. This gorgeous pair of Holly Standard trees offers beautiful dark green leaves and an abundance of bright red berries. has teamed up with the Daily Star to offer their readers a fabulous money saving offer on these wonderful trees. This amazing offer will save £10 on the normal cost of the two trees and also each order will receive two beautiful planters FREE of charge. These planters will save a further £9.99, giving you a total saving of £19.99. The Holly Standards not only look good during the winter months, they also look amazing during the rest of the year. Requiring little maintenance apart from a trim every now then make then the perfect addition to your outside area. is also has an extra bonus offer where you can get 12 Pansy ‘Matrix’ Mix for just £9.99 and receive an additional 12 plants FREE of charge. Enjoy these amazing savings whilst they last, click below today to place your order.

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This amazing offer from Yougarden.comds176 will save you at least £19.99 on the normal price for the fabulous pair of Holly Standards. The savings include £100off the total cost for the two holly trees with a further saving to be made on the beautiful planters worth £9.99. The Festive Pinecone Planters are free of charge with your order, and are the perfect home for the Holly Standards. Each of these wonderful holly trees is slow growing, making them perfect for any outside are, including roof terraces and balconies. The beautiful green spiky leaves look simply gorgeous along with the bright red berries and will definitely add a festive feel to your garden. Also on offer are the Pansy ‘Matrix’ Mix, this extra bonus offer will give you 12 plants for only £9.99, and a further 12 will be added to your order FREE of charge. These wonderful pansies are perfect for filling flowerbeds and borders full of colour throughout the winter months. These fabulous offers from are only around whilst stocks last, so to make sure you do not miss out just click on the link today.

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