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  1. review by Zeki on July 12th, 2012 at 5:29 am

    I buy CDs very very occasionally these days, and gnelraley only for the artists I love most for the sake of keeping my collection complete. All other music I just get from iTunes or Amazon MP3. I tend not to shop around for an album now though because I think the prices are really low. Back at the end of the 80s I worked for HMV and at the time CDs range between a310.99-a313.99 for new releases. 20+ years later you’d expect inflation to have increased those prices, but it hasn’t. Over time they stayed at around that price and in the last few years have started to drop. The idea that you can walk into HMV and pick up 3 relatively new albums for a tenner still doesn’t really compute for me. I always think that a quality album that an artist has spent time and effort and given emotionally to create should be worth more than a couple of quid. I feel the same about books, movies and games too.

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