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Get your business sim card today from the leading mobile phone network, simply click the link below to find out how much you could save on a sim only deal. Why go on a 18 or a 24 month contract when you can get a 30 day agreement with Vodafone.co.uk/simonlybusiness, this offers you unlimited calls to UK landlines and gives 700 cross network minutes and 250 texts for just £25 per month, there are loads of other great deals with sim only from Vodafone business. This deal lets you keep your current mobile number and you good old mobile handset, just swap your sim card and start saving money today.

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There are many new special deals available at the Vodafone business shop, get free phones great deals on super sim cards and mobile internet, Vodafone.co.uk/simonlybusiness is the best way to save money on your mobile phone calls. For those of us who need a mobile service provider that utilizes innovative ideas and one-of-a-kind service options Vodafone is a logical and best choice. The ability to surf the Internet from a reliable wireless source has become entirely necessary to the success of the small business as well as the corporation. Not to mention the usefulness of the Internet to the individual user. Imagine having the capability to browse your email from anywhere in the world. Vodafone is at the forefront of the technology age when it comes to wireless Internet service. Vodafone offers high speed access with a spectacular Mobile Broadband service. At fantastic speeds of 7.2 Mbps the Vodafone service is at the top end of large mobile service carriers. A USB modem is offered at comparable market prices for your personal notebook. Additionally, Vodafone offers unique Netbooks plus mobile usb broadband for a nominal monthly fee. The mobile USB Modem is touted as especially easy to use and transport. Plug it into your notebook and instantly surf the Internet on the move. When you finish simply unplug the modem and store it in a safe place. According to a recent LLC Study (The largest engineering company on the face of the earth) Vodafone operates the fastest and most consistent broadband network in the world. Web pages open up to four times faster on the Vodafone network, and downloads are ten seconds faster on average. A twenty minute video downloads in ten minutes on the Vodafone network, whereas other broadband networks can take up to twenty five minutes. The Vodafone twenty four month plan includes a Netbook as part of the deal. The Netbook is an instant email and web surfing tool. Vodafone also has a Data Calculator to help you choose the proper broadband plan. The Data Calculator factors in downloads, and email content to make sure you aren't spending money you could be saving for other business or personal expenditures. If you pay monthly with Vodafone you can select an unlimited broadband plan as a service option. Mobile Broadband with Vodafone is a model of reliability. The Vodafone effort to streamline the customer experience has helped to develop the best wireless Internet service in the mobile world today. If you need a quality service provider for wireless Internet Vodafone should be at the top of the list for you.

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