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From the 1st June to the 31st August it won’t cost you any more to call, text or send picture messages when you’re abroad than it does at home in the UK. This is because Vodafone abolished the normal 75p roaming charge, this is what you usually pay to connect a call to the UK with the great Vodafone Passport. Simply opt in to Vodafone Passport at and take your home rates with you to over well 35 European countries, plus Australia and New Zealand. You will now be able to text home to gloat about the wonderful weather, ring the beach bar to reserve a table in the shade or send photos of that perfect white sand without worrying about extra costs or increased rates. If you’re on Vodafone Passport already you will have been given the promotion automatically, so you don’t need to do a thing, oh except enjoy your holiday knowing you are free to make calls and send texts just like you would in the UK. Don’t worry Vodafone will text you before the promotion ends and unless you opt out, you’ll continue to enjoy our standard Vodafone Passport rates, click the link below to find out more about this new promotion from the mobile network that really cares,

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