Great PAYG Discounts From Vodafone

Get a £10 reduction from the mobile phone masters Vodafone when you top up £10. Choose a great freedom pack and your £10 top up will give you £50 worth of calls and texts, this offer is simply brilliant, click the link below to find out more from Vodafone. The freedom packs give you fantastic options such as –  The family and friends option, get Vodafone Family and you call each other as often as like for just £5 a month or go for the £2 credit when you run out deal, pay Vodafone back when you top up the next time, the list just goes on  with the new deals and options available, click today and start saving money.

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  1. review by Raymond Pallister on October 9th, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    I’ve used Vodaphone pay/as/you go for many more years than I
    can remember, and at no time have I had any problems with the
    functioning of the relationship. Excellent so far.

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Find all the finest deals online from, you'll be amazed when you see all the great deals available today online. Top up £10 and get £10 off your mobile phone There are so many ways you can save money and get extra minutes and texts, choose from 7 mega options at Vodafone today by simply clicking the link below. Go to for the finest options online.

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