These wonderful plants are an absolute delight to see when they are in full bloom each year and bring a bit of colour to your dormant garden. They offer an abundance of small flowers that burst open from December until late Spring. The glorious Clematis Urophylla ‘Winter Beauty’ is now on special offer with This amazing offer means you can buy one plant for just £15 and receive another one FREE of charge. The stunning Winter Beauty clematis is perfect for climbing and covering unsightly walls and fences as well looking fabulous in a patio pot with a tower frame for it to climb up. Each plant will grow to around 3.5 metres high with a spread of around 2 metres. To find out more and to place your order for the ever-popular Clematis Urophylla ‘Winter Beauty’, simply click on the link today.

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Other Info about has teamed up with the Gardeners World Magazine to offer you this amazing offer for the beautiful Clematis Urophylla ‘Winter Beauty’. This wonderful plant produces beautiful displays throughout the winter months, whilst the rest of your garden lies dormant. It produces the most beautiful creamy small flowers in December, which look simply stunning against the rich, lush green foliage. The little flowers slowly turn pure white during their flowering cycle until mid to late Spring. They are so easy to look after and love to just climb and cover unattractive walls and fences. There are 2 ways to look at this amazing offer, first is buy one for £15 receive another FREE of charge or buy two for just £15, meaning they are £7.50 each. Whichever way you look at it you know you are getting a brilliant deal. is also offering fabulous prices on their Tower Pot & Frame Kit, the perfect home for your Clematis Winter Beauty along with their Incresibloom fertiliser. These really are fabulous prices from, so to make sure you do not miss out just click on the banner bar below today to place your order, delivery will be in October.

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