Three Laptop and Mobile USB for just £25 per Month

An advert featured in heat magazine. This is a fantastic offer for an all in one broadband package, oh and you get a Free laptop too, the offer includes 5GB of monthly broadband data allowance and 100 online text messages, to see this offer from Three just click the link below. The laptop offered in this great deal is a HP 2133 which is worth £399.00 and with the usb modem you can surf the net wherever you go for just £25, this offer was £35 last month so you are saving a tenner every month. Three claim to have the strongest 3G network which will give you maximum signal on the move. For the best deal.

Click Here to See Offer Details

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  1. review by Simon on November 16th, 2008 at 12:26 am

    Great offer thanks for the info, can’t wait to get it.

Other Info about are offering a great deal here for the laptop and usb broadband modem, an offer too big to be missed three/heatlaptop will give you total independence, have broadband wherever you go.

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