If you are looking for something a bit different in your garden this year, something that will not only look stunning but also be a talking point then carry on reading. This amazing offer will give you the chance to grow some of these beautiful oriental blooms in your garden throughout the summer. is offering the beautiful Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ mixed for just £9.99 for 3 plants, saving you just under £35 on the normal price. These fabulous plants produce ‘Full Moon’ flowers that measure around 20cm across and will be in flower August and September every year. These beautiful plants will be a welcomed addition to your garden and will bring a touch of tropics to your garden. Despite being oriental they are fully hardy and very easy to grow. They are loved by bees and butterflies alike and will be a welcomed attraction and loved by all. Do not miss out on this fabulous offer for the Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ mixed from and click on the link today to place your order.

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The wonderfully exotic Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ mixed from is currently on special offer and you can save over £34 on 3 of these wonderful plants. They will bring something completely different to you garden space this year. These wonderful, unusual plants have beautiful, enormous flowers that measure around 20cm across. They will bring a touch o the tropics to your garden home and be a show stopper for years to come. Flowering is usually August and September each year and the beautiful huge flowers are a great attraction to butterflies and bees. They will be supplied as 2yr old bare root plants, each having 3 buds on and they will grow to around 60cm. The Hardy Hibiscus ‘Luna’ mixed will thrive in patio pots and containers as well as borders and flower beds. are so confident you will love the new additions to your garden they are offering a money back guarantee should you be unhappy in any way. Their patio planters are perfect for planting them in and you can get a beautiful brushed metal finish one with a saucer for only £9.99. Do not just take our word for how wonderful these plants are, click on the link above to find out more.

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