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Get the best value for money with the specialist day trip and luxury holiday experts Shearings, you could treat your father to a day trip to London, the Cotswolds or even Oxford from just £9 or go for the a great luxury tour, choose from a large selection of 5 day holidays which start at just £129 and offer fabulous destinations. You can also book up an 8 day holiday from only £189 online, just click the link below to find out so much more. You can get total value for money and second to none customer service on UK and European luxury Holidays with this luxury tour operator, find all the destinations and prices seen in the adverts in The Daily Mail and The daily Express. Why not book yourself onto one of the greatly reduced seasonal coach holidays which are available online today, there is a very wide selection of holidays available from theamed breaks to escorted tours . Book your next luxury break today online with Shearings and see how much you can save, Shearings Holidays offer a wide range of destinations and experiences to suit every taste and also every budget including holidays by air, coach or rail plus cruises, and even self-drive hotel breaks staying at one of their own hotels.

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  1. review by Mrs E Hall on October 3rd, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Very polite and effecient operator when booking holiday to Bournemouth today.

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There are massive savings to be found online with all of the coach holidays featured on the main Shearings website, get a day trip from just £9. To find out more about the luxury travel experts click on the offer/link bar above or go to for more information about the latest deals and special offers. At Shearings they know we all love our fantastic discounted coach holidays, however they also know that you might like to go away at the spur of the moment. That's why they have introduced a last minute deals page on the website, this page is so easy to navigate around so why not take a look now, you could be on your Hol's in under a week. Go to by clicking the offer bar above and find great new deals at the lowest prices ever.

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