O2 Sim Offer – From Just £15.50 for 600 Mins and Unlimited Texts

What a fantastic deal we have found here from O2, welcome to simplicity is the advert and simple it is, with this link you will find there is no long contract and no fee for your new sim card just a great one off offer, with the £15.50 offer you get 600 cross network talk time minutes unlimited text messages FREE voice mail along with FREE itemised billing, also this deal lets you surf the net on your mobile for just one pound each day, all that for under £16 isn’t bad at all. This deal is available with some more expensive tariffs too which all offer free O2 to O2 calls, these deals start at £20.50 for 900 mins and unlimited texts, £26 for 1200 mins and unlimited texts, £40 for unlimited calls and unlimited texts, click the banners or the link below for more information.

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  1. O2.co.uk/shop review by Kay on July 12th, 2012 at 8:08 am

    It isn’t anything ipomrtant. Some phones have an option that some of their messages will always be marked as high priority, which just means that they will alert you more and they are supposed to be urgent. But if they text you all the time with it on then they probably just have it on. It isn’t bad for your phone, it is normal for all phones. You can make a message high priority yourself by going to the options when you are typing a message, and there should be a menu option for high priority.

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O2.co.uk/shop offer great savings and BIG discounts on loads of new deals besides the sim offer advertised here. The 02.co.uk/shop are still the only network offering the Apple iPhone. Welcome to simplicity at O2.com/shop

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