See how much you can save when you switch over to Npower from your current supplier, whatever supplier you’re with it makes sense to switch over to a cheaper plan without compromising on service, with this latest promotion things are made as simple as possible for you to switch, Npower do the lot all you need to do is complete the online form, you don’t even have to contact your current supplier. The “Sign Online 25” offer/promotion saves the average customer with duel fuel savings of at least 2% per year and the benefits as pretty good too, you’ll get an online account which includes paperless billing and meter read reminders plus you’ll get as much as £100 discount off your energy total bill at the end of the year for paying by Direct Debit, it’s so simple and makes so much sense, find out more today by clicking the offer bar below or visit today for an all round better deal. Get a quote online and see how much you could save on energy bills, no more estimated bills pay for exactly what you use with the “Sign Online 25” deal.

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No more estimated bills, you're in charge with the promotion, waste no time and get a quote online today, save £100 and sort your energy expenses out online. Why make life complicated when there's a simple way to pay less at Npower.

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